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SOCKSforYOU Bamboo mid-calf socks are the latest Solidea creations. Unique and exclusive unisex product to wear all day long for fresh and rested legs without sacrificing style.

This new product line combine the Solidea green soul to an innovative, high-performing technology.

SOCKSforYOU Bamboo: nature and technology dedicated to well-being.

Mid-calf socks

The innovative fabric acting for three ones

1. Bamboo Viscose

The bamboo fibre outside, pleasant to the touch and elegant to the eyes, wins for its wearability and with its ultra-soft texture.

2. Polyamide Elestane

The mix between these two fibers creates an effective anatomical compression that facilitates the transpiration of the skin.

3. Bamboo Viscose

The softness of the bamboo fibre in contact with the skin gives a pleasant feeling and guarantees a perfect transpiration.

SOCKSforYOU Bamboo mid-calf socks come onto the scene with a brand new and super resistant fabric especially designed to provide your legs with well-being and wearability. Three layers create a unique alternating sandwich effect so that each layer provides the best outcome in terms of comfort.

The soft bamboo yarn, on the outside and in contact with the skin, guarantees a soft touch and creates a “micro-environment” allowing perfect transpiration and proper thermoregulation, maintaining the skin dry.

Between the two bamboo layer, the polyamide and elastane fabric with 18/24 mmHg graduated compression gives a beneficial massage while continuously stimulating blood circulation.


Wear them
how and where
you want

The benefits of wearing SOCKSforYOU Bamboo from morning to night?
They are a lot, starting from the health benefits and the eco-friendly choice of bamboo fibre, to the comfort and unique style.

A new touch of personality to your casual and sports looks.

Well-being for you and for your feet

The special weave creates a “micro-environment” in the fabric allowing thermoregulation and facilitating the utmost transpiration of the skin.

SOCKSforYOU socks are especially intended for the management and alleviation of the venous and lymphatic return, to prevent disorders of circulation (e.g., oedema, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), varicosis, lymphedema).

Utmost comfort

The softness of bamboo fibre on the outside and in contact with the skin makes them comfortable and very pleasant to wear all day long.

Style and personality

The classic style of solid colours and the originality of the multicolour patterns add a touch of style to your everyday casual and sports look.


Nature transformed into well-being.  These new SOCKSforYOU Bamboo knee-highs have, in fact, a green soul, being made of bamboo fibre for 75%. A natural, biodegradable fibre perfectly in line with the Solidea Green Attitude: the sustainability policy the company has been undertaking since summer 2019.


Casual models.

These are the ideal socks for people with a dynamic, active lifestyle and for sports lovers. The perfect fit on the feet, achieved thanks to the revolutionary 3-layer bamboo fibre fabric, guarantees breathability and thermoregulation, leaving the skin always fresh and dry.

    Bamboo Fly Young: 25,90 €
    Bamboo Fly Young
      Bamboo Fly Italy: 25,90 €
      Bamboo Fly Italy
        Bamboo Fly Happy Blue: 25,90 €
        Bamboo Fly Happy Blue
          Bamboo Fly Happy Red: 25,90 €
          Bamboo Fly Happy Red

          Sports models.
          Style & high performance.

          These are the ideal socks for sports lovers. The perfect fit on the foot guarantees transpiration and thermoregulation, leaving the skin always fresh and dry. The 18/24 mmHg graduated compression constantly stimulates blood circulation during your workouts.

            Bamboo Fly Performance: 25,90 €
            Bamboo Fly Performance
              Silk Bamboo Comfy: 34,90 €
              Silk Bamboo Comfy
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